Listed below are the artists and makers that contribute to either designing the SF Mercantile line of products or produce their own line of goods that we carry in our San Francisco Mercantile retail store located at 1698 Haight Street in San Francisco.  Our product assortment is constantly changing and evolving, so this list will always be a work in process. 

ETHEL MARTINEZ of Hercules, California has worked for over 10 years in a variety of industries ranging from marketing communications, gift and stationery, gaming, and to the tabletop business.  Aside from being a designer, Ethel loves working on illustrations, whether professional or personal.  Her style has been described as playful, graceful, full of movement, and whimsy.  She enjoys working in various mediums but especially finds passion in inks and pastels.




ERIK DROHMAN is a native Californian who has spent almost 20 years as a local Bay Area resident. After graduating from art school in San Francisco, he settled into the social expressions/gift and home goods industries, creating marketing materials, packaging and a whole host of 3D products. Eventually, Erik was able to quit the corporate world of upper management and transition back into being a full-time artist and designer, this time as a freelancer. When not working, he spends his time traveling between Oregon and his home in California, taking advantage of the best weather wherever it happens to be.

AMY ROSE MOORE was born and raised in the woods somewhere in the Sierra Cascade mountains of Northern California and currently lives and works in San Francisco.  She works with variety of water-based media, including watercolor, gouache, ink & acrylics.  Influenced by the vast forests and mountains of her childhood, where woodland creatures vastly outnumber human creatures, one's connection with the world is felt much differently than it is here, in the city.  The portraits and personalities that take shape under my pen and paintbrush evoke (in me, at least) a sense of nostalgia, not just of my youth, but of a commonality-- of universally shared emotional spaces and fondly remembered narratives.

AMOS GOLDBAUM  is a line-drawer, muralist, and street peddler based in San Francisco.  He creates hand-drawn, hand-screened apparel and prints featuring local, historic and iconic SF landmarks and irreverent artwork. You can find Amos selling almost every weekend in SF at various fairs and festivals as well as on the corner of Valencia St. and 23rd some Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

CATHERINE LASASSO - DESTINATION FRAGRANCES:  The inspiration for the fragrance blends comes from the wonderful neighborhoods and locations in and around San Francisco.  Each fragrance is created to evoke the ambiance of places frequented by locals and sought out by travelers from all over the world.  The candles are all natural, made with soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils and hand poured in small batches at our family's California studio.

CHELSEA HIATT FARLEY started CUPPA FOG in 2009 in Pacifica, California.  She found how to make use of one of her other loves - photography.  She discovered that transferring the photos that she took of local nature scenes and landmarks onto wood, transformed the photos  into something more complex and textured. The pieces now had the added elements of wood grain, natural variations in color, and even sometimes knots and holes. Not only does the photo have a unique story, but so does the wood.

ERIC JOYNER,   born in San Mateo, California.  His painting are defined by a combination of realism and gleeful fantasy with robots as reoccurring motifs.   After having collected Japanese toy robots as a hobby, in 1999 he chose to use them as subjects.  In 2002, he felt that he needed another element to work off of.  Inspired by the film Pleasantville  in which Jeff Daniels paints donuts, Joyner added donuts.  The donuts have been featured as both objects of desire and adversaries to the robots.

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HAILEY HERRING-NEWBOUND is a young designer who moved to San Francisco after graduating       from Williams College in 2016.  As a self-taught artist, she started Cards by Hailey in an effort to spread joy   and laughter -- and, of course, the occasional eye-roll.  It's a pretty, witty card collection, and each design is handmade from an original watercolor painting and unique pun.




JENNIFER CLIFFORD is a mixed-media artist and print maker based in San Francisco. Drawing       inspiration from the beautiful San Francisco Bay, Jennifer creates whimsical collage and screen print art. Her collage work incorporates media from variety of paper materials, including wallpaper, old ticket stubs, Muni and BART passes, maps, newsprint, rice paper, and vintage magazines. Vibrant offbeat fabrics are also found in her collages, some of which are repurposed clothes. Her screen print work is created from       her photography and she prints on fabric and/or wallpaper and mounts each print to a wood panel.


JOSHUA COFFEY is a self-taught artist living and working in San Francisco.  Joshua draws inspiration for his mixed media paintings from the natural world, scientific illustrations and his love of animals.  His work includes many layers of textures including paper patterns, maps, newspaper articles, and acrylic paint.  Much of his work deals with animals and how humans relate to the birds and mammals all around us.  He             has created a sense of symbolism and meaning with many of the images he paints,  illustrating the conversation between man and beast with a wink and stillness for you to make your own decisions about what the image is saying.


LAURENCE SRINIVASAN - STUDIO FOR METROPOLITAN CRAFT is a trained architect and a model maker based in San Francisco.  He's work is strongly influenced by art and sculpture, using laser cutting techniques to create to-scale models of Bay Area landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro Tower and the Oakland cranes.  His wood pieces are finished before laser cutting, then etched and scored by the leaser to render the details.  The result is a beautifully designed tribute to the architectural symbols of San Francisco.

LORENA SIMINOVICH - PETIT COLLAGE started her Bay Area based company in 2006 with her distinctive, handmade collages on wood. What started with simple collages has since blossomed into a vibrant collection of playthings, decor and gifts.  Petit Collage's products combine a modern aesthetic with a sustainability criteria to create bold, thoughtful goods that are made to inspire and encourage creativity, play and discovery.

MARK DWIGHT - RICKSHAW BAGWORKS  a native of the Bay Area, started his company in 2007 in San Francisco's historic Dogpatch neighborhood.  Their products are inspired by urban mobility and distinguished by simple, functional design and high-quality materials and construction. They design many of their own fabrics, which are manufactured in the USA, with sustainability and long-lasting performance in mind.  Mark has become deeply invested in the neighborhood and the success of local businesses across the city. He founded nonprofit SFMade to "promote local manufacturing and job growth in the manufacturing sector.

MIKE KIMBELL is an artist in love with the city.  Best known for his paintings and prints of urban landscapes that seem to inhabit the worlds of both representation and abstraction simultaneously.  The subjects of his artwork are found in the urban and industrial environment "Whenever I look at the city, I end up seeing it in terms of patterns and textures and layered geometry. Its all in plain sight if you think to look for it." says Kimball.  His artwork focuses on the underlying geometric abstraction of the architecture, typography and design that is found in the urban landscape, as well as the curious effect that time and chaos has on that geometric order as it moves towards disorder and entropy.

NIKLAS LYBACK - TRAYS4US creates birch veneer trays handcrafted in Sweden embellished with aviation, nautical and vintage charts, and whimsical maps.  Nikalas who was born in Sweden, where birch is considered sacred, lives in the Bay Area where he designs his trays.  His passion for maps has lead to a growing assortment of tray design in assorted sizes.

NOAH FARB - FREE FOR MIND designs charms and ornaments inspired by places and objects people they love. They produce products using small-batch manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, lost wax casting, and photo-etching.  Noah and his team geek out on architecture and small batch manufacturing processes and 3D printing inspires them, allowing them to create intricate shapes that can't be manufactured through traditional casting processes.  They hope that their line of jewelry propel interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

RHONEL ROBERTS from a young was passionate about art and loved color.  A native Californian, Rhonel moved to San Francisco after college. It wasn’t until 2001 that he decided to seriously commit to art, and found himself a studio in San Francisco's Hunters Point Shipyard. He also began working as an interior designer which taught him that he could create environments spatially. His work is a reflection of his love for life.  It’s about the color, adventure, exploration, spiritual journeys, inquiry and whimsical, fantasy.  "My art to me is always evolving from my creative passion which results in a tactile composition for others to enjoy."

RICHARD BULAN - GOLDEN GATE FURNITURE was watching a local San Francisco news story in 1994 on the fate of the Golden Gate Bridge steel that was removed during the handrail replacement in 1993.  After much perseverance, Rick managed to track down the name of the contractor and get a section of the approximately 12-foot long, 1000 pound handrail to his home.  From the Bridge’s original 1930’s handrail, Rick Bulan has created a line of unique collector’s edition furniture that captures the historical spirit and style of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

ROBERT QUINN - GROOVY SAN FRANCISCO moved to San Francisco in 1968 at the age of eight.  While he was too young at the time to go to the famous concerts of the late 60's at places like the Fillmore, Avalon Ballroom or Winterland, he was not too young to be aware of the artwork surrounding the San Francisco music scene. His designs pays homage to the great artists of those days as well as to San Francisco with his own take on 60's psychedelic art.

STEPHEN C. WAGNER - SFHG (SureFire HeadQuarters) has studied art since the age of six.  He works in many media, including paint on glass, multi-media collage, and book-binding.  Whimsy and humor abound throughout Stephen's Fog City SFarOut series of digital prints. The SFotos series features original photographs offering unique views of the City by the Bay in a style of high contrast and color intensity.

TOMOKO MARUYAMA - TMK DESIGNS  Tomoko is a San Francisco based artist originally from Japan. She has a unique style that captures the charm and colors of San Francisco. She uses a palette of natural colors reflecting her daily life in the streets of this beautiful city.  Tomoko believes everything you experience or imagine can be transformed into art. Her goal is to capture those emotions and share them through her work.  Her products includes greeting cards, illustrations, calendars and a clothing line.